Birthdays at Ohalá

Celebrate with Ohala Birthday Packages! Experience one of Mallorca’s favourite birthday activities, adored by children everywhere.

Enjoy an unforgettable party without paying more than our standard rates, plus adults can join in the fun for free. Prepare to host the most spectacular birthday celebration of the year!

For the children

For the adults

Optional extra

How to book?

Use the form on this page to make an enquiry or call our box office +34 971 61 75 33

Group Bookings and Parties

Experience a one-of-a-kind show that is sure to dazzle and delight with exclusive group rates!

Enjoy an extraordinary event with priority access to the best seating! Perfect for families, friends, birthdays and business groups alike. You will make lasting memories that won’t soon be forgotten.

Alternativly, you can contact us by telephone.


Are you a group of 4 or more guests?

If so, did you know that you can now book your tickets using our new Group Pay?

Group Pay allows you to book tickets for any large group size of 4 or more people without you needing to pay for their tickets.

How does it work?

Select the date and how many tickets you would like to book.

Then select Group pay and choose how many tickets YOU want to pay for now and complete your reservation.


Once you complete the reservation you will be given a link to share with the other guests in your group. Your guests simply need to click on this link to pay for their tickets within 24 hours.