The Show

About Ohalá

Ohalá is an enchanting theatrical fantasy that immerses you in the magical world of a bedtime story. As our storyteller reads to his daughter and her dreams become reality, viewers are taken on a thrilling adventure with our hero across the Mediterranean.

We embark on a heart-pounding journey filled with light, film, acrobatic stunts and soulful dances set to the sounds of our exclusively composed soundtrack. From the bustling port city to the powerful open seas and mysterious underwaters of mermaids, Ohalá promises a night unlike any other that will surely capture your imagination!

The show

Ohalá at House of Son Amar in Mallorca is a show that shouldn’t be missed – especially by families. Running from May to October 2023. Ohalá transports audiences to a dazzling world of acrobatics, dancing and singing.

A myriad of colours, choreography and music will leave the whole family feeling captivated and inspired. This family show in Mallorca is the perfect introduction to unique culture and entertainment.

House Of Son Amar Mallorca

Ohalá at the House of Son Amar Mallorca is one of a kind show, tucked away in the tranquil foothills of Serra de Tramuntana. This grand 16th century estate delights every guest with its captivating shows and exclusive international performances.

From the nearness to Palma de Mallorca and Calvià to its opulent displays, House of Son Amar promises an unforgettable experience for all with dining, shows and events.

Kingdom Of Alcázar Restaurant

For those looking for an unforgettable evening, the experience of after-show dining at the Kingdom of Alcázar restaurant is sure to satisfy. Located conveniently on-site, diners can enjoy the comforting atmosphere at Son Amar where their night of entertainment just came from.

Whether you choose to stay for a light snack or take your time over a three-course meal, you’ll be treated to a unique experience that will make you want to return again and again. The chef’s mouthwatering creations are always crafted with love and care, while friendly servers ensure top-quality customer service in an enchanting ambience. Make this special occasion one that truly stands out and add a meal at the Kingdom of Alcázar restaurant after your show.

“The best family show we have ever seen in Mallorca. Highly recommend for anyone looking a great night out.”


“Our children fell in love with the characters and were amazed by the acrobatics on display.”


“A must-see experience for anyone visiting Mallorca this summer.”